Tom Scholz (Boston): No Synthesizers

Yesterday I listened to Boston’s “Third Stage”. An album that took six years to accomplish. Wow! A duration that seems totally insane from today’s perspective.

In the liner notes of the CD, producer and lead guitarist Tom Scholz states that he didn’t use orchestral sounds or synthesizers. Yes, that seems legitimate for a rock band in the 80s coming from the 70s era. But how did he create all these noisy/spacy sounds? Well…

No Synthesizers

That’s right! Honest! And no violins either (so how do you make thunderstorms without a synthesizer? A twenty-year old Vox Tone-Bender with a bad transistor). In other words, the Boston sound is powered by old, straight ahead rock-n-roll equipment, as opposed to midi-interconnected-computer-sequenced synthesizers.

Tom Scholz

I don’t know if you could’ve called it ingenious or inventive back then, but nonetheless Tom thought outside the box. A timeless skill that is so useful trying to solve problems or be creative. Hats off, Mr. Scholz!