Podcasts every sound enthusiast should follow

For me it’s always important to get inspired and stay curious. Beside crawling blogs and subscribing to YouTube channels I found a different way to absorb all sorts of information about sound related stuff: Podcasts!

They give a good overview of topics in a short amount of time and let you be part of interesting discussions. I was surprised at how well most of them are produced and how many valuable information its creators share with their audience over this channel.
Today I have put together a short list of podcasts worth listening to. For those of you who are new to some of them I also recommend two episodes for an easy start.

1. Everything Sounds

Podcast: Everything Sounds

Definitely the most interesting podcast if you’re not too much into technical stuff, but more into sound in art, science and culture, and our everyday lives.

Recommended episodes:
Episode 45: Sounds of Skateboarding
Episode 55: Restaurant Sound Design

2. tonebenders

Podcast: tonebenders

As the name implies, a podcast about sound design and field recording. Hosted by René Coronado, an audio post professional working in Dallas, Dustin Camilleri, a sound designer, re-recording mixer and composer from Chicago and Timothy Muirhead, a sound editor from Toronto. All I can say about it: Great tips, great interviews with a deep insight into the world of professional audio and nice hosts who will even answer listener questions.

Recommended episodes:
Episode 16: Gordon Hempton
Episode 18: Vanessa Ament on Foley

3. Bobby Owsinski’s Inner Circle

Podcast: Bobby Owsinski’s Inner Circle

In each episode Bobby starts with a quick roundup of the last week’s industry news, gives you helpful tips and interviews prominent people in the industry. You should also check out his music production blog.

Recommended episodes:
Episode 6: Writing Jingles with David Campos
Episode 14: Mike Rodriguez Discusses Mixing Commercials and Television

4. Simply Recording

Podcast: Simply Recording

Joe Gilder and Graham Cochrane share tips that help you make better recordings in your home studio. Further they give insights into their own projects and tell you about their experiences with clients. You might already know Graham for his “5 minutes to a better mix” video series on his YouTube channel which is a great source of inspiration for mixing beside “The Recording Revolution”.

Recommended episodes:
Episode 24: 12 Lessons Learned In Recording Our Recent Albums
Episode 28: Why You’re Not Making Money In Your Home Studio

5. Home Studio Corner

Podcast: Home Studio Corner

If that’s not enough, Joe Gilder has his own podcast. Weekly, he usually starts with a 15 minute rant about his insights about recording, mixing, gear or being a musician in general. Finally he answers questions people can submit via http://www.askjoegilder.com. Lots of useful information, go check it out.

Recommended episodes:
Episode 96: Tricycles and GAS
Episode 99: Your Fake “Paper” Business

If you like what you’re hearing in these podcasts, leave a review and/or rating on iTunes or their respective websites. The creators offering this kind of information will definitely appreciate it.

Do you know noteworthy podcasts not listed here, or want to share thoughts about them? Just contact me via email or social media.